Booking Requirements


What to Do and What to Expect When Hiring a Bellydancer...

Dance Area

Provide the dancer a clean and well-defined area in which to perform, preferably at least 6 by 4 feet. If more than one dancer is performing, a raised stage or bigger dance area gives the audience a better view.

Dressing Area

A private and secure dressing area is required to change in and out of costumes, store belongings, and warm-up.

Stereo System

A quality sound system with an iPhone or iPod jack is required. It is best if the stereo and speakers are in the same room as the performance.

Showing Appreciation

Clapping with the music, cheering, watching attentively and encouraging your guests to do the same will make the evening more memorable. Guests are encouraged to tip the dancer. Please read the FAQ regarding tipping etiquette.

Respect the Schedule

Be considerate of the dancers’ time, as they may have another engagement on the same night. The show should begin within 15 minutes of the originally scheduled time.

Enjoy the Show

Once the show begins, sit back, relax and enjoy! If it is appropriate and the dancer chooses to do so, she will select someone to dance with her. Please do not urge anyone to dance with her if they have not been invited. If the performance is in honor of a special guest, mention this to the dancer before the performance.

Credit: Stacey Lizette Bellydance