Make It Work


This is a snapshot of me choreographing a piece in my childhood bedroom. The power had been out at my apartment for two days due to a fallen tree in the hood, so I stayed with my parents.

My door is adorned with remnants of past shows and a poster of Andy Warhol reminding me that I ‘don’t need a band to be a rockstar.’ I’m working on a group piece featuring three different props in a space roughly 5 x 7, drinking a beer for ‘inspiration.’ My nephew’s crib is blocking my tiny closet door mirror, so I had been using my phone video camera for feedback. The vent is blowing hot air, making the veil staticky and hard to control, constantly clinging to my body.

It’s a sucky dance space, but it was a good reminder that shit’s unpredictable and when the situation is not ideal, you just have to find a way to make it work. It’s a good thing I like a challenge.